Brazil and Portugal:
Two Countries Separated by a Common Language

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This workshop will explore the cultural differences between two major Portuguese-speaking groups in New England and will illustrate the unique interpreting techniques required for each. The presenter will provide a brief overview of the people from the Azores, Portugal and from Minas Gerais, Brazil. Attendees will learn how family roles, common medical conditions, and general levels of education are vastly different in these two groups and can create interpreting challenges that go beyond different accents and cultures. The acculturation process and its impact on both groups will also be discussed. Audience participation is encouraged to uncover and explore the stereotypes, expectations, and misconceptions interpreters may have when working with patients from a different culture. Other topics will include listening skills, fidelity, and de‑verbalization.

  • Date: August 17, 2017
  • Time: Noon Eastern Time / 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Presenter:  Isabel Pinto-Franco
  • Webinar Fee: $20 

This webinar takes place via the application GoToWebinar®. HCIN thanks the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) for supporting this event and making the webinar platform available. To make sure your device and internet connection are webinar-ready, check your system now. If you want more technical details, you can read about the system requirements here.

Photo of Isabel Pinto-FrancoPresenter:

Isabel Pinto-Franco holds a degree in Modern Languages and Literatures (German and English Studies) from the University of Coimbra, Portugal. She is a staff interpreter at the Cambridge Health Alliance, teaches Interpreting II at Boston University, and also works as a translator. Isabel is a member of the ATA and holds CoreCHI certification. She was born and raised in Coimbra, Portugal and has been working as a full-time medical interpreter for more than 20 years.

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